Expert Installations

pic expertinstall2 Alter your aspect to the level of the sun; expect the brightest and the best.

pic expertinstall Creating the level of trust that you deserve means making sure your installation is expertly completed the first time. While our processes are efficient, we will never “guarantee” a one-day turnaround on your installation.  Before we install, each project is analyzed for solar potential as well as for structural and electrical integrity. A complete set of solar design documents, detailed electrical schematics, a product list and system performance calculations are developed by our technical design team. For you, that means no concerns about future roof leaks due to a hastily installed system.

Below is an overview of our processes:

Consultation: We take the time to understand your primary objectives then offer expert consultation with a focus on a design that meets those objectives.

Site Analysis: This step lays the foundation for discovering your site and solar system’s maximum potential. Our careful evaluation will result in a detailed solar production and energy offset report that will help inform your decision-making process and guide us in the design of your system.

Custom Design Plans: With your site analysis in hand, our design team will complete a set of custom plans that will detail the electrical design, an estimate of energy production, and the engineered structural requirements of your system.

Day of Installation: We take extreme care to protect your home and your property. Our certified and professional team members have the training, the skill and the experience to construct and install your system and the industry’s highest standards of quality and safety.

Documented Commissioning: Once your system has been installed, we will verify the system’s electrical integrity and performance and create detailed reports documenting your system's testing commissioning. This final step validates the installation and performance expectations.

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