Custom Designs

pic customdesigns A world of energy independence awaits; let the light of the sun show you the way.

At E2 Solar we create tailored solutions to meet your energy-independence needs. Because your peace of mind in choosing us for your solar needs is of the utmost importance, we construct each system with a confidence and care that is sure to surpass your expectations. Our offer is simple: the best quality, maximum efficiency and unfaltering longevity.

E2 Solar can also assist you with your energy management needs whether addressing energy efficiency techniques, energy monitoring, or appliance selection and design recommendations for a new construction project. We know that part of reducing your energy costs means addressing your energy demands. Our technical designers have the training and experience to guide you through the processes toward a true cost-saving and an energy-efficient home.

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Off-Grid Design Elements:

Practical in nature, off-grid or battery back-up solar systems are rapidly becoming a growing market as well as a viable option for many who want to live independently or who simply want back up power in case of extended electrical outages. This can be an affordable energy option for rural and remote property owners where the expense to run utility lines is not cost effective.

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Experienced in off-grid living in their own home and with decades of battery-based system knowledge, Mike and Kelli are able to work closely with you through specific design phases, appliance selection and energy efficiency measures to best determine and work within load calculations. By offering this specific attention to detail, E2 Solar can offer a robust solution that will achieve your desired level of backup or outright energy independence. Call today to learn more about this attractive option.