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Innovation powers sunlight into energy; forward-thinking brings it home

At E2 Solar we believe our company to be a forward-thinking and honorable enterprise—one that contributes to job growth and economic development for the entire Pacific Northwest region.  We buy local whenever possible and proudly source our photovoltaic modules from Oregon-based SolarWorld, the largest PV manufacturer in the U.S. with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hillsboro. The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition in 2011 named SolarWorld the greenest manufacturer based on the company’s eco-friendly practices. SolarWorld is also the first in their industry to offer a linear performance guarantee which is a measure of long-term performance.

Additionally we endorse products from the solar industry’s market leaders—those, whose track records in performance and reliability are proven. Because we know that all projects present a different set of circumstances, we offer a variety of solar electric products and technologies to accommodate every objective.