Our Team

At E2 Solar we are steadfast in our commitment to helping our employees grow and excel at what they do. Our standard for employee excellence coupled with each member’s unique skill set translates to outstanding innovation and uncompromised project performance. We know that, as a discerning consumer, you expect the highest standard of service. We believe you deserve it, and our team is eager to deliver.

team kelli2 Kelli Hewitt

Sales and Marketing Director

E2 Solar’s co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director, Kelli, balances the goals and initiatives for the Sales Department. She also manages the Company’s daily activities. With a background in advertising, Kelli’s diverse computer skills and marketing experience complement her dedication to local and regional energy efficiency and sustainability. Building and living in a straw bale, off-grid solar home was a dream that Kelli and her husband Mike were able to bring to fruition. She considers solid planning and persistence to be key components to working our principles and values into our everyday lives. When not working or on an adventure with Mike and the dogs, Kelli enjoys cooking, and taking long walks in the Oregon countryside.

team mike2 Mike Hewitt
Vice President
Operations Manager
NABCEP Certified PV Installer, 092411-73

Earth Advantage Institute Sustainable Homes Professional

LRT 057

E2 Solar’s co-founder and Operations Manager, Mike, oversees the daily operations for both residential and commercial projects. With more than a decade of experience in the solar industry, Mike’s passion for solar-based energy independence is only eclipsed by his commitment to renewable energy as the source of our planet’s health and longevity.

Mike has achieved the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV installer certification, the highest level of industry accreditation in the United States. He has advanced knowledge in the area of energy efficiency as an Earth Advantage Institute Sustainable Homes Professional as well as comprehensive training and expertise in solar technology, design principals and performance criteria. When not at work or with Kelli and the dogs, Mike enjoys exploring Oregon’s backcountry with a fishing rod, a camera or both.

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team ralph2 Ralph Mathis
Supervising Electrician

Born and raised in Western Kentucky, Ralph has been an electrician since 1984. He began his career on the Gulf Coast of Florida, migrated to Flagstaff Arizona and finally landed in Oregon in 1989. Commercial projects were Ralph’s specialty for his first 8 years in the industry. Looking to round out his talent and skill level he moved into the realm of residential work which included 14 years of self-employment. Ralph loves being “out west” and says he is here to stay. He especially enjoys working in the renewable energy field. Ralph has a great sense of humor which comes in handy on those hot-roof installation days.

Ralph was also heavily involved in the Deschutes County Search and Rescue program for nearly seven years and enjoyed it greatly. As of late he has been keeping his outdoor adventures a bit less adrenaline riddled. He enjoys camping—especially in the snow—hiking, and amateur-level mountain and rock climbing. He also spends a lot of time at dog parks with Rocky, his Australian Shepherd/Golden retriever mix.

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team lanny2 Lanny Cook
Information Technology Administrator

Lanny walks the talk of his environmental convictions. When he joined E2 Solar in the fall of 2011 it became readily apparent that his extensive background in information and database technology would give E2 Solar the ability to manage large volumes of information with the effective precision you might expect to find only in a larger company.  Lanny also lives “off the grid” in a custom built “earth” house east of Bend. His first-hand familiarity with the detailed workings of PV systems makes him a substantial asset to the E2 team. When not at work Lanny enjoys “finishing” his house and spending time with his family.

Jean Strom

Jean is committed to environmental excellence and has been a proponent of both renewable energy and sustainable living practices for decades. During that time, she also developed a breadth of proficiency in accounting and administration. She appreciates the opportunity to combine her professional expertise with her personal values through her service with E2. When not at work, Jean loves to garden, and makes most Central Oregonians jealous with her green thumb.

team grizzly Grizzly
AussieDor Mix
Office Doorbell, Official Welcoming Committee,
Managing Partner and Paper Shredding Pooch

Grizzly has been a robust doggie presence at E2 Solar since joining the company. His willingness to learn by doing and to participate in all things paper (little that there is) has prompted a call to buy Grizzly his very own “Red Dog Shred” document shredding service. His dogged determination in being the best doorbell and most engaging welcome committee member has earned him “Safe and Sound-Bite Dog of the Decade” status … at least with the E2 staff.