Our History

Transforming our energy future is our commitment to you.

A family-owned business

pic ourhistory-1 E2 Solar was founded by four experienced and passionate individuals with a desire to offer Pacific Northwest homeowners and businesses a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. In 2005 Mike and Kelli Hewitt, together with Dick Kent and Glenda Alm, launched E2 Solar. Although Dick and Glenda have since retired, the vision and spirit that launched E2 Solar has flourished, as have the objectives and values that served as the company’s framework. The company philosophy is simple: provide the highest quality components, install them to last, and make the world a better place in the process. As a company, E2 Solar prides itself on giving the very best to its customers. That best includes years of planet-friendly and cost-effective solar energy.

Principals’ Personal Philosophy

pic ourhistory-2 Working as a team and getting to know our Northwest community is something Mike and Kelli have had a lot of practice AND a lot of fun doing. Both Mike and Kelli hail from the small Northwest towns of Walla Walla, Washington and Milton-Freewater, Oregon respectively. They met as teenagers and immediately became high school sweethearts. Their mutual goal to live sustainable has been a nurturing component of their relationship and has been a focal point for the couple for decades.

After volunteering for Central Oregon’s first Solar Tour in 2000, Mike and Kelli decided it was time to follow their dream of a sustainable lifestyle. Within a few months they embarked on a life-changing adventure toward that dream; it began with the sale of their Portland home followed by a move to Bend. After purchasing a small parcel of property they embarked on what would become a three-year process to build a straw bale, off-grid home. During those years of work, they lived on site in a trailer where their motivation to live sustainably and to help others do the same, grew. pic ourhistory-3 After achieving their lifetime dream, Mike and Kelli set their sights on creating a career path that followed their personal philosophy. E2 Solar became that path. As for the couple’s lifestyle choices and business philosophy they say:  “We all work to transform our energy future, and to better our community in the process. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.”

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