Our Experience


At E2 Solar, we build quality solar systems that last. With long term product warranties it only makes sense to consider the quality of the installation. By using the highest quality standards and backing those standards up with a 10-year workmanship warranty we work to earn your trust.

The longevity of our systems will mean the longevity of our customer relationships. Taking the time to do it right and installing it to last, will enhance your home, bring you added savings and offer you the peace of mind you deserve. Solar is here to stay and so are we. Contact us to discuss how we give you peace of mind as you pursue your solar future.

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Because we understand your commitment to the environment and to your family’s future, we are unwavering in our dedication to building each system using:

  • Expert design standards
  • The highest quality local and regional components and materials
  • The latest technology

Our technical team is composed of highly trained, professional electricians and certified solar technicians. Together we possess decades of solar industry experience. This means that we have the skills and experience to guarantee intelligent design, efficient construction and safe installation on each and every system.

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At E2 Solar we will work to exceed your expectations while comfortably meeting your energy efficiency goals. Whatever the size of your system, our project management will ensure that your installation is impeccable every step of the way.  Whether you are a home or business owner, a general contractor or government agency, we adhere to the industry’s highest standard of excellence as we work to make every project a stellar success.


We are fully bonded and insured. E2 Solar and/or our employees hold the following licenses and accreditations:

  • General Contractor
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Plumbing Contractor
  • NABCEP Certified PV Installer
  • NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification
  • Oregon Department of Energy Tax Credit Technicians
  • Energy Trust Trade Ally


When you consider a purchase as important as a new solar system, doesn’t it make sense to also consider the skill-level of your sales and installation team?  At E2 Solar, our sales and installation team has the skill and technical training to smoothly and efficiently walk you through every aspect of your solar system needs.  From roof and site assessment to electrical codes and product placement—right down to the details of module and inverter specifications—our team will approach your project using best-practice industry standards, detailed precision and an eye toward practical and aesthetic considerations.


With more than a megawatt of photovoltaic installations under our belt, E2 Solar is one of the most experienced solar design and installation companies in the Pacific Northwest. Our designs are innovative, our systems high quality, our track record stellar. In short, we have a history of outstanding performance and a dedicated commitment to the long-term future of service to our customers.


The adage “time waits for no one” is one that we take seriously. That’s why we make the most of every opportunity to increase our and our employee’s knowledge base. Our philosophy is that educated employees are dedicated employees and dedicated employees are part of a healthy business environment. They also offer our best opportunity in keeping our customers up-to-date on the latest and best solar innovation.

In recognizing the importance of dedicated, quality employees we offer continuing education and apprenticeship opportunities.  As a company, E2 Solar is a member of the Renewable Energy JATC Limited Renewable Energy Technician Apprenticeship Program which consists of both on-the-job training and related classroom training. The licensing program requires 4,000 hours of specialty electrical work, physical wiring, and installing of solar electric systems.

To facilitate continual career development, E2 Solar also encourages employees to sit for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ( NABCEP ) certification and to attend accredited industry trainings, seminars and workshops to stay current in a quickly evolving industry.